Russian Grammar Lesson: Russian Cases

Russian casesIn today’s lesson we will talk about Russian cases. Specifically about the cases of Russian nouns. We will cover some general information about all cases that are used in Russian. Some of the cases, I’ve already covered in more detail in my previous lessons, and will talk more about the rest in the future lessons.

As you might already know, in Russian language the endings of nouns and adjectives tell us which word is a subject and which word is an object. In English sentences, however, Read more…

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Online Shopping Words in Russian

Online shopping words in Russian thumbnailIt’s a shopping time! It’s time to get gifts for your loved ones. Many of us nowadays shop online as it seems to be easier and faster. Besides shopping online not only saves us time, it also allows us to check out the multiple review of the products prior to purchasing them. Since online shopping is popular nowadays, I decided to put together a quick article with a few main online shopping terms in Russian.  Read more…

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Kitchenware in Russian

Dishes Tableware in RussianLearning and practicing new words for this lesson is going to be really easy! We all are in the kitchen at some point of our day. All you need to do is to print the list of the words in this lesson, go to your kitchen, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and learn these new Russian words right there in the kitchen. Is your cuppa ready? Let’s start! Read more…

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Kitchen Appliances in Russian

Kitchen thumbnailCooking season is coming up! Let’s start getting ready for it by learning the names of kitchen appliances and utensils in Russian. Even if you don’t cook, don’t worry – this lesson will still be very useful for you, in case you decide to holiday shop for your loved ones at a Russian store whether it’s in person or online. Read more…

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Sports in Russian

soccer shoesDo you like sports? Personally, I enjoy exercising. It gives me energy, keeps me healthy, positive and creative. I’ve been doing Pilates for years now, but recently I’ve tried a few new fun things. My new favorite is Read more…

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Halloween in Russian

Halloween in RussianTime flies so fast! It’s already almost the end of October – Halloween time! Smell of cinnamon and freshly-carved pumpkin, orange and black colored funny and scary decorations, dark mysterious shadows behind the window… Well, you get the idea!
I hope you have your costume ready for this Saturday and are ready to party. To get you prepared for the joyful celebration, let’s learn a few Halloween words and phrases in Russian! Read more…

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Pronunciation of Russian Consonants

TPronunciation of Russian conconantsoday we will continue working on your Russian pronunciation. To make things easier I decided to create a couple of lessons to show you how pronunciation of Russian vowels and consonants can change depending on their nature and their position in the word. In one of our previous lessons we’ve discussed pronunciation of the Russian vowels. Now you know that pronunciation of the vowels changes based on whether they are stressed or not. Today we will discuss pronunciation of the Russian consonants.  Read more…

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