Solar System and Space Words in Russian

Posted on September 27th, 2016

Space and Planets in RussianDon’t you love staring at the clear starry sky and watching a falling star passing by somewhere many light years away? It’s amazing how much there is to our world and our Universe that we don’t know and possibly never will.

In today’s lesson I’d like to share with you a few words about space and our solar system in Russian. Let’s begin. 

Солнечная система [SOL-neech-na-ya sees-TYE-ma] solar system
Планета [pla-NYE-ta] planet
Солнце [SON-tse] the Sun
Меркурий [meer-KOO-reey] Mercury
Венера [vee-NYE-ra]
Земля [zeem-LYA] Earth
Марс [MARS] Mars

planet Earth
Юпитер [yoo-PEE-tyer] Jupiter
Сатурн [sa-TOORN] Saturn
Уран [oo-RAN] Uranus
Нептун [neep-TOON] Neptune

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A few more space words in Russian:
Луна [loo-NA] moon
Звезда [zveez-DA] star
Космос [KOS-mas] cosmos, space
Вселенная [fsee-LYE-na-ya] Universe

Universe in Russian
Комета [ka-MYE-ta] cometcos
Астероид [as-te-RO-eet] asteroid
Метеорит [mee-tee-a-REET] meteorite
Орбита [ar-BEE-ta] orbit
Телескоп [tye-lye-SKOP] telescope
Астронавт [as-tro-NAFT] astronaut
Космический корабль [kas-MEE-chyes-keey ka-RABL’] spacecraft
Созвездие [saz-VYEZ-dee-ye] constellation
Галактика [ga-LA-ktee-ka] galaxy
Млечный Путь [MLYECH-niy POOT’] Milky Way

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Talk to you soon! Happy Russian learning!

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