Russian Words: At the Office

Posted on September 5th, 2016

Office SuppliesMost of us come across many different office items every single day. Whether it’s helping our kids at school or running things at work. To run things smoothly we need access to some basic tools – computer and Internet and some basic office supplies. Let’s talk about the office environment today and learn the names of the basic office and school supplies in Russian.

Офисные принадлежности [O-fees-ni-ye pree-na-DLYEZH-na-stee] office tools

Карандаш [ka-ran-DASH] pencil
Ручка [ROOCH-ka] pen
Резинка [ree-ZEEN-ka] eraser
Фломастер [fla-MAS-tyer] marker
Маркер [MAR-kyer] marker
Скрепка [SKRYEP-ka] clip, staple
Степлер [STEP-lyer] stapler
Ножницы [NOZH-nee-tsi] scissors
Клей [KLYEY] glue
Бумага [boo-MA-ga] paper
Клейкая лента [KLEY-ka-ya LYEN-ta] duct tape, Scotch tape

Скотч [SKOTCH] Scotch tape
Папка [PAP-ka] folder
Конверт [kan-VYERT] envelope
Блокнот [blak-NOT] notepad
Дырокол [di-ra-KOL] hole puncher
Рабочий стол [ra-BO-cheey STOL] desk
Стул [STOOL] chair
Кресло [KRYES-la] chair
Лампа [LAM-pa] lamp
Калькулятор [kal’-koo-LYA-tar] calculator
Компьютер [kam-PYOO-ter] computer
Принтер [PREEN-ter] printer
Сканер [SKA-nyer] scanner

Here is an infographic with the words above that you can feel free to share:

Office Supplies in Russian

Russian words калькулятор, компьютер, принтер, сканер came from English. Learn more about Russian words that came from English in this video lesson.


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