Wild Animals in Russian: Learn New Russian Words

Posted on March 16th, 2016

Tiger in Russian photoIn the previous lesson you’ve learned the names of the domestic animals in Russian. If you haven’t yet, click on this link and enjoy the lesson – Russian Video Lesson: Domestic Animals and Birds.

In today’s lesson we will take a quick trip to a Fun Russian Zoo where you will learn the names of the most popular wild animals in Russian. Use the video in this lesson to practice your Russian pronunciation.
To help you learn the male and female form of the nouns I’ve listed the female name of the animal where possible.

Let’s start with the video lesson:

Крокодил [kra-ka-DEEL] crocodile
Крокодилица [kra-ka-DEE-lee-tsa] female crocodile

Лев [LYEF] lion
Львица [l’-VEE-tsa] female lion

Леопард [lee-a-PART] leopard

Тигр [TEEGR] tiger
Тигрица [teeg-REE-tsa] female tiger

Панда [PAN-da] panda

Слон [SLON] elephant
Слониха [sla-NEE-ha] female elephant

Медведь [meed-VYET’] bear
Медведица [meed-VYE-dee-tsa] female bear

Лис [LEES] fox
Лиса [lee-SA] female fox

Волк [VOLK] wolf
Волчица [val-CHEE-tsa] female wolf

Tiger in Russian

Заяц [ZA-yats] hare
Зайчиха [zay-CHEE-ha] female hare

Змея [zmee-YA] snake
Уж [OOZH] grass-snake

Белка [BYEL-ka] squirrel
Носорог [na-sa-ROK] rhino
Кенгуру [keen-goo-ROO] kangaroo

Обезьяна [a-byeez’-YA-na] monkey
Горилла [ga-REE-la] gorilla

Зебра [ZYEB-ra] zebra
Жираф [zhee-RAF] giraffe

Антилопа [an-tee-LO-pa] antelope

Бизон [bee-ZON] bison
Бегемот [bee-gee-MOT] hippopotamus

Верблюд [veer-BLYOOT] camel

Forming names of the babies of wild animals in Russian is very easy. All you need to do is add endings -онок- or -ёнок:
Волчёнок [val-CHO-nak] baby wolf
Кенгурёнок [keen-goo-RYO-nak] baby kangaroo
Медвежонок [myed-vee-ZHO-nak] baby bear
Тигрёнок [teeg-RYO-nak] baby tiger

Here is an infographic to help you practice the names of the wild animals in Russian:

Wild animals in Russian

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