Basic Russian: How to Say “Hi”, “Bye”, “Thank You”, “Please” and “You are Welcome” in Russian

Posted on December 2nd, 2010

Today you will learn a few basic Russian expressions: how to say “hi”, “bye”, “thank you”, “please” and “you are welcome” in Russian

Have fun!

Hello in Russian is Здравствуй [ZDRA-stvooy] when saying “hello” to one person and

Здравствуйте [ZDRA-stvooy-tye] when saying “hello” to two or more people.
До свидания [da svi-DA-ni-ya] = good bye
Привет [pri-VYET] = hi (less formal then “hello”)
Пока [pa-KA] = bye (less formal then “good-bye”)

When you want to thank someone you will sayспасибо [spa-SI-ba]!
And the last word for today is пожалуйста [pa-ZHA-looy-sta]
Word пожалуйста has two different meanings. First of all, word Пожалуйста is used as a reply to “thank you”.
For example:
– Спасибо за подарок!
– Пожалуйста!
[spa-SI-ba za pa-DA-rak
– Thank you for the gift!
– You are welcome!

And secondly, word пожалуйста can be translated as “please” and used when you want to ask someone politely to do something.
Here is an example:
– Скажите, пожалуйста, который час?
[ska-ZHI-tye pa-ZHA-looy-sta]
– Could you please tell me what time it is?

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