Solar System and Space Words in Russian

Space and Planets in RussianDon’t you love staring at the clear starry sky and watching a falling star passing by somewhere many light years away? It’s amazing how much there is to our world and our Universe that we don’t know and possibly never will.

In today’s lesson I’d like to share with you a few words about space and our solar system in Russian. Let’s begin.  Read more…

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Russian Words: At the Office

Office SuppliesMost of us come across many different office items every single day. Whether it’s helping our kids at school or running things at work. To run things smoothly we need access to some basic tools – computer and Internet and some basic office supplies. Let’s talk about the office environment today and learn the names of the basic office and school supplies in Russian. Read more…

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20 Conversational Russian Words and Phrases You Should Know

conversational RussianToday’s Russian lesson is going to be so much fun! You will learn twenty conversational Russian words and phrases that you will often come across in spoken Russian. You might hear these words from your Russian friends or family, or even see them online on Facebook or vKontakte. Some of these Russian words are mild slang words while others are diminutives that were formed from popular nouns. Below the word you will find an example of how you can use it in Russian speech with English translation.  Read more…

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Describe Your Home in Russian

Beautiful houseIn today’s lesson you will learn how to describe your home in Russian. In the previous lessons you’ve learned about Kitchen Appliances in Russian and Kitchenware in Russian. Now let’s take a walk around your home and learn the names of the rooms and other useful Russian words. Are you ready? Let’s start with the basics:  Read more…

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Wild Animals in Russian: Learn New Russian Words

Tiger in Russian photoIn the previous lesson you’ve learned the names of the domestic animals in Russian. If you haven’t yet, click on this link and enjoy the lesson – Russian Video Lesson: Domestic Animals and Birds.

In today’s lesson we will take a quick trip to a Fun Russian Zoo where Read more…

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Russian Video Lesson: Domestic Animals and Birds

Cows on a fieldThis Russian video lesson is going to be fun and easy, perfect for Friday. We’ve already talked about pets in Russian, and you’ve learned a lot of useful Russian vocabulary to help you talk about your pet. A few months ago we also talked about cats in Russian (this lesson was dedicated to the International Cat Day), and now you are an expert in Russian words related to cats topic. And today you will learn the names of the domestic animals and birds in Russian. Enjoy!  Read more…

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How to Express Emotions in Russian

Happy girlEvery day we use many different emotions when reacting to many different things. We can go from being mellow to being very happy to being sad. Since emotions are a big part of our day to day life, I thought that it would be a good idea to create a lesson and talk about our emotions in Russian.

Let’s start with happy emotions.  Read more…

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