Video: First Conjugation Verbs Завтракать, Обедать, Ужинать.

Image by Matt Biddulph on Flickr

Image by Matt Biddulph on Flickr

In the previous lessons you’ve learned how to conjugate Russian first and second conjugation verbs. Let’s talk about the first conjugation verbs some more today and learn how to conjugate three very important Russian verbs завтракать (to have breakfast), обедать (to have lunch) and ужинать (to have dinner). Watch the video

16 Types of Russian Ice Cream You Must Know

Russian ice creamWho likes ice-cream? Raise your hand! I know I can’t see, but I believe there are a lot of hands up in the air. I know you can’t see, but I raised mine! Yes, I do love ice-cream. My favorite would be Read about Russian ice cream

Grammar Video: Preposition “Ha” in the Prepositional Case

Fun Russian prepositional caseA few lessons ago we briefly talked about how you can use the prepositional case and the preposition “в” to say in Russian where you are or where you live. You can review this lesson here – The Prepositional Case of the Russian Nouns. In today’s lesson, we’ll talk about another preposition – “на”, and how it’s used in the prepositional case in Russian. Watch the Video

Video: How to Form Past Tense in Russian

Город сиял вечерними огнями.Image by OpenClips - Pixabay

Город сиял вечерними огнями.
Image by OpenClips – Pixabay

I’ve been getting a lot of requests from you guys to teach Russian past and future tenses, so let’s start with the past tense. In today’s video lesson you will learn how to form past tense in Russian and will do a quick and simple excersise to practice the rules you’ve learned. Click to learn how to form past tense in Russian

Russian Video Lesson: How to Say “Happy Birthday” in Russian

Say "Happy Birthday" in Russian

Say “Happy Birthday” in Russian

If you love celebrating Birthdays, watch this video and learn how you can wish “Happy Birthday” in Russian, and how to compose sweet and sincere  greetings for a Birthday card in Russian. I created this video in addition to the lesson that was published earlier – How to Celebrate Birthday in Russian lesson.

Russians love a good Birthday celebration, it’s usually accompanied with a lot of good food and drink, singing and dancing, learn how you can be a part of it!
Watch the video

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