Pronunciation of Russian Consonants

TPronunciation of Russian conconantsoday we will continue working on your Russian pronunciation. To make things easier I decided to create a couple of lessons to show you how pronunciation of Russian vowels and consonants can change depending on their nature and their position in the word. In one of our previous lessons we’ve discussed pronunciation of the Russian vowels. Now you know that pronunciation of the vowels changes based on whether they are stressed or not. Today we will discuss pronunciation of the Russian consonants.  Read more…

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Dairy Products in Russian

Milk products in RussianIn our previous lessons you’ve learned about the names of fruits and berries, vegetables, bread, and even ice-cream in Russian, and today you will learn the names of the most popular dairy products in Russian.
I will also share with you a very easy milk cocktail recipe that you and your family can enjoy on a hot day.  Read more…

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Back to School in Russian

Back to school words in RussianIt’s back to school time! If you are going back to school this season, I hope you are feeling refreshed after the long summer, and excited about your new studying term. I decided to dedicate today’s lesson to the back to school vocabulary in Russian to help you get into the season’s spirit. You’ve probably noticed that every store is preparing (or is already prepared) for the “back to school” season: tons of different notepads, colored pencils, pens, rulers, organizers are being displayed festively on the store shelves. Бери – не хочу! Read more…

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Pronunciation of Russian Vowels

Milk in RussianToday we will talk about phonetics and pronunciation. I’ve been receiving numerous requests from you to make a lesson about the pronunciation of the Russian words, and why Russian letter “o” sounds almost like Russian “a” in some words, while in other words it sounds like “o”. So, I decided to create this new lesson and clarify a few things for you. Everything is really easy, don’t worry. So, let’s quickly go over the Russian alphabet and pronunciation of the Russian vowels. Read more…

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Enjoying Mornings in Russian

Morning Words in RussianDo you like mornings? I love mornings. Even without a coffee. Personally, I think they are full of hope, promises, new starts and possibilities. Don’t you think? Of course, dreaming about all the hopes and possibilities is even better with Read more…

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Video: Types of Bread and Pastry in Russian

Bread and pastry in RussianRussian culture is known for its hospitality and rich cuisine. When welcoming guests, we always make sure to have yummy treats on the table: whether it’s a full three course dinner or a pot of tea and a pile of hot freshly-made pancakes with jam or honey. Keep reading

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The International Cat Day: About Cats in Russian

Cats in RussianAre you getting ready for tomorrow? Tomorrow, August 8th is the International Cat Day (Всемирный день кошек)! Did you know that? I’ve only learned this yesterday, and am very excited for our cute little furry friends. If you love pets, you will love this post. Whether you are going to throw a huge party for your cute kitty (or kitties) or not, it’s always a good idea to expand your vocabulary and learn some interesting kitty words in Russian.  Keep reading

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